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As believers of Jesus Christ, our hearts are for the revival of the entire world. At God’s Dream Inc., we believe the way to this revival is through God’s dream of a “unified family” coming true.


We believe that God’s heart is for “Family”. Through our expertise in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, along with our 3 Pillars of God is Love, No Fear in Love, and Purposely Pursuing Peace, we have the ability to equip and empower the church to function as a healthy, kingdom family.


We accomplish this with our biblically-based curriculum. The bible is an amazing blueprint for how we are to live today. Jesus was the catalyst of shifting culture. He was the bridge to change! He gave us very clear instructions on how to live, function, and become like him. We are the bridge to change for all this world.


As believers, we are called to steward this culture today! God’s Dream Inc., uses this outline to sponsor and facilitate events that bring awareness to social justice issues in our communities, and equip’s them to unpack cultural diversity. We also serve our communities is times of crisis through donations and community service.


Being a bridge is a highway to help the church become a healthy, unified family. Being a bridge provides a safe space for authentic communication to flourish. Being a bridge is an essential key to revival! We are better together!


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