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It is our greatest honor to serve churches and/or religious institutions. Here are the ways in which we equip them to be the bridge: Call 929-509-2707 for pricing

  • Congregational Speaking Engagements - Our team would love to visit you church and create conversation with your congregation on becoming a bridge and unifying the body of Christ regardless of cultural, ethnic, or racial differences.

  • 14 week Leadership & Management Mastery - Personal coaching and consulting to ensure that your leadership is aware of any biases they may have and how to over come them.  As a result of taking this course you will be able to create an inclusive and safe space for all

  • One Day Workshops w/Board, Staff, or Parishioners (2-4 hours) This is an a la carte service allows you to pick 2-3  areas of opportunity from our product menu that will help your team continue to grow in cultural competency and sensitivity.

  • Policy Creation - Our teams will work together to create policies for your organization that are in line with the heart of God around diversity, equity and inclusion, that will be the standard by which the church shall operate.


  • Event FacilitationWe will work with organizations to create and customize events that are centered and beneficial for the community they are in.  This will be the organizations way of not only operating in the community but being invested in it.


  • Cultural Assessments - This is an 8 week process that will allow your church to discover where you measure on the Cultural AssesSment Survey.  This allows you to see just how inclusive and safe your church environment is for parishioners, leaders, and administration.

  • Data Reporting - We will collect and analyze data through Pre & Post Survey Assessment, Pre & Post Survey Interviews and provide your leadership with reports that show progress, success, and areas of opportunity as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion For All Online Course

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