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Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Its various branches of creative activity include, painting & drawing, music, literature & writing, dance, photography, and more. Art is created in different forms and is to be appreciated primarily for its beauty and emotional power.


As believers, we serve a creative God. In Genesis 1, God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days. In Genesis 2, God created man and woman in the Garden of Eden. The heavens, the earth, and humanity were all God’s masterpieces of beauty. Imagine God’s emotion as he completed these works saying, “It is good!” and, “It is very good!”. Adam himself exclaimed, “Wow!”, when he saw Eve after God created her from his rib. The art of creation and all it’s beauty is a powerful invitation for us to dream big and create!


At God’s Dream Inc., we believe God has created many of us to be artists and or creatives. Our heart is to champion those gifts in young people by providing students in grades 6-12 with the opportunity to be trained and coached in the art of their choice. This includes Music Production, Photography, Acting, Web Design and so much more. Simultaneously we provide them with biblically-based curriculum that develops their character and entrepreneurial skills, empowering students to become business owners before they graduate high school.


The Dreamers Arts Academy not only provides students with opportunities, but it also creates unity within a community through the love and creativity of Jesus.

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